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The RuMa x FERN Limited Edition Mooncakes

Rooted in our proud and symbolic nature of our logo, these limited edition Mooncakes are packed individually within rattan boxes and carefully wrapped in a supple Batik bag, offered in 2 different colours, enclosed within a uniquely weaved bamboo carrying basket, all made from sustainable materials and meant to be reused for your daily essentials.

Pack of 2
Lotus Paste with Double Yolk

A Purist’s Delight. This flavour is a time-honoured traditional favourite, balancing savoury and sweet with the double yolks symbolizing double the mid-autumn goodness!

Bamboo Charcoal Black Sesame
To appreciate the light, one must first learn to appreciate the dark side of the moon. This gentle nutty flavour is sure to bring out the most complex umami flavours, sure to shine through the dark exterior.

MYR188 nett

Pack of 4
Cranberry Lotus Paste

A refreshing take on a classic flavour, replacing the saltiness of the yolk with a sourish sweetness from the cranberry to cut through the density of the lotus paste. Irresistibly moreish.

Tiramisu Mooncake with Chocolate Lava
Score some brownie points with this modern contemporary rendition of a mooncake. Combining traditional textures and visuals with a modern decadent flavour, this mooncake is sure to surprise with the mouthwatering chocolate lava center.

Durian Lotus Paste
Not for the faint of heart, it wouldn’t be complete without our national fruit taking center stage. The seemingly untamable Durian is given the spotlight to shine and further enhances the luscious mouth-coating effect of the lotus paste base.

Assorted Fruits and Nuts
Hidden by its tender pastry shell, this beautiful mess is a contrast to its lotus paste counterpart. Traditionally made with 5 types of kernels, coarsely chopped and combined by a maltose syrup as an alternative to the immense lotus paste and yolk.

MYR258 nett

For pick-ups and deliveries, please contact SEVEN at +60 3 2778 0751.

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Enjoy discounts when you purchase our mooncakes for
1 bag at 10% off
2 to 4 bags at 20% off
5 bags and above at 30% off

For purchases above 5 boxes, please contact us at +60 3 2778 0751 or rumasm@theruma.com.