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ESG at The RuMa Hotel and Residences

The RuMa Hotel and Residences has long been committed to preserving our natural resources for future generations. We believe that every little effort in conservation and preservation plays a role in helping the local hospitality industry flourish. The latest testament to our effort is the proud certification from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) as the first hotel in Peninsular Malaysia to achieve this.

Sharing Sustainability Efforts

In helping us achieve our environmental sustainability goals, we are guided by our own set of ESG policy. They cover the following

  • Sharing of the importance of sustainability with our associates with adequate GSTC trainings including during orientations, on-the-job trainings and associate townhalls.
  • Education of every guest who comes our way through various touchpoints including our hotel website and marketing platforms and in-room Green initiatives.
  • Conscientious selection of vendors and suppliers with purchasing policies that align with ours, especially in sustainable practices like Fair Trade.
  • Click here to learn more about our ESG policy.

Supporting Local Economy

We actively support local infrastructure and social community development via various corporate social responsibility projects. They include

  • Conservation of natural resources.
  • Support for the underprivileged community, indigenous groups, and animal preservation.
  • Equal opportunity for local employment across all departments of the hotel.
  • Opportunity platforms for local entrepreneurs by buying local whenever and wherever possible.

Preserving Culture & Heritage

The story of Malaysia makes the heartline of the hotel from brand story to design, an aspect we preserve through education with each stay via our unique design that reflects our local culture. Spot them in

  • Kampung house pillars at the arrival corridor, an ode to authentic Malaysian hospitality.
  • Kebayaku sculpture on the grand staircase, the artistic tribute to one of our national costumes.
  • Kelarai weave apparent throughout the halls, a traditional mainstay of our local Malay culture.
  • Antique balusters in the elevator lobby reminiscing once more the welcoming homes of old Malay kampungs.
  • Culture of ‘Hostmanship’, a specially crafted guest experience that is uniquely Malaysian.
  • Introduction of local arts and craft experiences available for hire upon request. These include partnerships with local brands like pewter workshop with Royal Selangor and more. 

Conserving The Environment

We have received a Gold Certification for the Green Building Index (GBI), beginning with the way our hotel has been built. We maximise benefits to the environment and minimize negative impact with a design purposed for saving water and energy. These features include

  • EV Charging Station has been installed in our parking lot - joining the current lots for hybrid and electric vehicles and carpooling drivers.
  • Elimination of single-use plastic where glass bottles are offered in the guest rooms and meeting rooms, whilst Tetra Pak water is provided in the gym and limousines.   
  • Guest bath amenities are provided in large format refillable pump containers.
  • Lighting by employment of 95% LED lights, all intuitively dimmable at different times of the day.
  • Guestrooms that come with motion sensors for air-conditioning, lights, television and more.
  • Cooling down system using cold water to distribute chilled air throughout the building. 
  • Harvest of rainwater for watering of landscape.
  • Pool treatment using salt instead of with chlorine.
  • Maintenance of said cooling tower without the use of harmful chemicals. 

To really stay true to our numbers, our greenhouse emissions are checked and compared monthly to track usage. In 2024, plans are in place to have zero single use plastic in the hotel.