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Mystical Malaysian

Mystical Malaysian

Traditional Healing & Wellness

Indulge in the epitome of Malaysian wellness at UR SPA, with select treatments that highlight the multi-cultural influences of our ancient healing traditions.

Urutan Malaysia

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Malay and indigenous massage techniques with Urutan Malaysia. Combining elements such as Malaysian Herbal Foot Soak, Chinese Qi Gong Breathing, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology, this signature treatment rejuvenates and relaxes, providing a holistic wellness experience.

Priced at MYR602 nett for 90 minutes.

Dusun Inan Body Therapy

Embark on a journey steeped in tradition with Dusun Inan Body Therapy. Originating from the Lotud Dusuns tribe of Northern Borneo, this deep tissue massage honors centuries-old practices passed down through generations.

Priced at MYR398 nett for 60 minutes or MYR499 nett for 90 minutes.

Advance reservation is required.