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Our promise to deliver world-leading safety, sanitation and hygiene standards

As the world continues to confront a global health crisis, we want to reassure you that the safety and wellbeing of our guests and employees remains the primary focus it has always been, and that the highest levels of preventative, hygiene, sanitation and ongoing training measures are in place at all our hotels, to ensure that we operate within the world-leading safety, sanitation and hygiene standards you have every right to expect as a guest of an Urban Resort Concepts hotel.

Safety and Sanitation

Rigorous safety and sanitation protocols across all hotels have been in place since the very first onset of the outbreak, with an even higher frequency in our cleaning and disinfection processes across all areas of the hotel’s guest rooms and public areas.

Importantly, we have invested in and have implemented a patented system, which eliminates all known viruses, bacteria and contaminants on both, soft and hard surfaces, using a medical-grade bio-enzyme formula derived from highest quality, bio-degradable ingredients and non-harmful to humans, in combination with a cutting-edge new delivery system. The system, which also acts as an air purification device, will be used upon every check-out and throughout the hotel, resulting in an effectively sterile guest room following every check-out.

All high-frequency touch point areas including but not limited to reception, door handles, public bathrooms, tables, elevators and furniture are being sanitised hourly, while air filters and air conditioning systems are being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with high frequency. In our food and beverage outlets, stringent enforcement of cleaning, food preparation, storage, handling and serving standards, along with strict supervisory measures, are firmly in place.

A Platform for Safe Exchange

To provide a resolutely safe environment for all, we have implemented a series of protocols in accordance with the latest Government and Health authority guidelines of each location, as well as guidelines issued by the World Health Organization and Germany’s Robert Koch Institute.

In addition, sanitising and PPE are available all throughout the hotel. Guests may also avail of our suitcase cleaning service, in order to have their luggage disinfected.

'Clean & Safe Malaysia' Certified Hotel

The RuMa Hotel and Residences is proud to be a “Clean and Safe Malaysia” hotel, a certification by the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) and supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture of Malaysia, in compliance with both local regulatory requirements and international standard.